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Why Rodney Never Should've Gone to the NAPIC:

One of the downsides to being kid sister to Rodney Parker, one of the nation's greatest detectives- possibly a slight exaggeration- is that people tend to think kidnapping you provides a great bargaining chip to get your brother off the case. Kit Parker would know. She's been living with the consequences her entire life and, she's used to it. It's just a way of life.

But, then Rodney heads off to the Sixteenth National Annual Private Investigator’s Conference, leaving her in the care of his arrogant assistant- Mr. Sherlock Holmes wannabe, Detective-in-Training, Resident Genius Oliver O'Rourke himself. When Oliver's sister is kidnapped, Kit is left with a choice to make. Does she listen to her brother and do her best to stay out of trouble or follow her instincts and help Oliver find his sister? And, can the girl who has a bad history with kidnappers manage to evade the criminal's clutches long enough to bring them to justice? Or will she once again end up the victim rather than the hero?

The Crimson Banner:

Lady Melinda Llewellyn just wants to get away.  She never dreamed that by stowing away aboard the Cosette she’s doing more than just escaping her betrothed…
Captain Jack Breen just wants to forget.  Flying the Crimson Banner, the pirate’s flag, should make people leave him alone.  But now he has that woman, and all the trouble she brings, to worry about…
Selena just wants to save the man she loves.  How could she know that her efforts would lead to all this…
Stephen, the crown prince, just wants to marry and claim his throne.  Can he do that without getting killed…
Knox’s general, Sir William Hartwood, just wants to hold on.  He can’t let go of the bitterness he feels towards the boy who’d practically been his son…
Toby just wants to be loved.  Having endured so much cruelty at his brother’s hand he needs someone to show him otherwise…
Lord Pemberton just wants power.  Stopping at nothing to get it, he’ll be satisfied with nothing short of being king.  Will his villainous plan succeed?  Or will justice, mercy, and forgiveness abound for all who set sail under The Crimson Banner…


  1. How was your experience with Tate Publishing? I have had an offer from them, but most of what I heard was bad. If you don't mind sharing, I would love to hear what you thought of their service. Thanks!

    1. I would recommend Tate, however there are both pros and cons, as well as some things I would have liked to know before I worked with them. Too much, really to put in a comment, but if you'd like to drop me an email I would be glad to send you my thoughts on it:

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  3. Hey, Jennifer, I'm a friend of Elly Harris. I am 16 and trying to publish something as well. Elly sent me to your blog so... I have a question. Or rather several☺. Do you personally think self publishing is easier or no? And do you have any recommendations for which publisher or self publishing format I should use? My mother and sister in law are talking about an online publication, like with kindle or amazon... Just looking for some help! Thanks

    1. Hey, there! Sorry I haven't responded to this sooner! I'm so happy Elly pointed you to me and I am certainly happy to talk to you about this :D

      Personally, publishing isn't easy. Ever. It's as simple as that. It is REALLY easy to get self-published. Amazon's Createspace is very easy to work with and it takes a matter of days if you put the time into it to publish your book. Which seems like a better option than quarrying and getting a book rejected over and over again in the hopes that /someone/ will think it's good enough to publish.

      That said, once you self-publish it just sits there. No one knows it exists unless you tell them and honestly, only some of your friends are actually going to buy it. Plus, once you self-publish it looks bad should you ever try to traditionally publish because a publisher will look at the numbers and say "They sold 60 books..." and see that as an indication that your books aren't sellable.

      Now, I am not saying not to self-publish. I think it's a great era we live in where we have that option at out fingertips. It's just that marketing your book is a job and one you need to put time and effort into. If it's the choice you make you need to understand it's more than just publishing the book, it's doing the work to put it in front of readers. That's all your job, there's no one else to do that for you.

      I hope that didn't come across as negative or a deterant. I just want you to have all the information before making a decision; I wish someone had told me this before I decided to self-publish. If you think you're up to the task or would like more information about it PLEASE feel free to email me ( and I would be delighted to talk with you more about it and pass along the resources I have found helpful in the past. Or, if you would like to look into traditional publishing, I have limited experience with that, but I would be happy to pass along the resources I have for that.

      I hope that was helpful and I look forward to hearing from you again!

    2. Hey Jennifer. Sorry it took me 4ever 2 see u had replied... Thnx 4 the help tho. Were definitely going down the professional published route and I'm happy 2 say one of my books is being edited and publishers talked 2! We kind of thought the same thing about self publishing tbh especially isince im going 2 b using publishes works on college credit... But thanks so much. It's helpful 2 hear my own hthoughts backed by someone else! Lol. God bless u and ur writing!