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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sneak Peek: Why Rodney Never Should've Gone to the NAPIC


Quick Camp Update: Those of you who read last week’s post are probably wondering how I’m doing on my novel. At least, I hope you’re wondering… Anyway! I started out rather strong but sort of shorted out by the end of the week. But, then yesterday I wrote like crazy and added 5,000 words to my total count. So, I’m all caught up and then some. At the moment, I’m at 22,500 words in all, which just a couple thousand away from being halfway done. So excited!

I’m beginning to like this book more. I have a better sense of where I’m going and what’s happening. Definitely going to have it finished by the end of this month! Which leads me to the real point of this post: My next book.

Remember how I’ve mentioned a couple times the book I hope to publish? Well, I’m working towards that, getting it ready and looking into it more. So, hopefully, soon. I want to have it ready so that I can publish it as soon as I finish writing book two. Because I vowed not to publish book one until book two is written.

But, in the meantime, while I write and you wait for my book to come out, I thought I’d share a little bit of it with you. First of all, it's a YA contemporary adventure novel called Why Rodney Never Should’ve Gone to the NAPIC. The series of which this is Book One is simply The Kit Parker Series.

Kit Parker is a character I have had since I was ten or eleven. In more recent years she's sort of sunk to the back of my mind and I never thought I would actually someday write about her. Until November when I started thinking about her and figuring out who she was and making her more real. Then, a story developed and here we are. I hope you all enjoy reading about her!

So, without further ado, a synopsis and sneak peek at Why Rodney Never Should’ve Gone to the NAPIC:

One of the downsides to being kid sister to Rodney Parker, one of the nation's greatest detectives- possibly a slight exaggeration- is that people tend to think kidnapping you provides a great bargaining chip to get your brother off the case. Kit Parker would know. She's been living with the consequences her entire life and, she's used to it. It's just a way of life.

But, then Rodney heads off to the National Annual Private Investigator’s Conference, leaving her in the care of his arrogant assistant- Mr. Sherlock Holmes wannabe, Detective-in-Training, Resident Genius Oliver O'Rourke himself. When Oliver's sister is kidnapped, Kit is left with a choice to make. Does she listen to her brother and do her best to stay out of trouble or follow her instincts and help Oliver find his sister? And, can the girl who has a bad history with kidnappers manage to evade the criminal's clutches long enough to bring them to justice? Or will she once again end up the victim rather than the hero?

And, a short excerpt from Chapter Fifteen:

“We’re in!” Fiona squeals.

Oliver disappears inside and we sit back to wait.

The minutes tick by and I begin to wonder how long before we should start worrying. Because, honestly, I’m worrying now. He’s been gone for like ten minutes already. Is that too long? Shouldn’t he be back by now? Should one of us go in to look for him? Go talk to the doorman about it? Something? Anything?

“Fiona?” I hiss. “Should we be worried?”

She turns and gives me a look that says I’m crazy. “He’s only been gone like two minutes. Calm down.”

Her brother’s trying to infiltrate the enemy’s apartment and she’s telling me to calm down? At this very minute he could be getting into some serious trouble and there’s no way for us to know.

If we were in some cool spy movie, we’d be wired and able to hear everything going on right now.

But, since this isn’t a cool spy movie, we aren’t wired and we’re stuck outside waiting. I should have volunteered to go.

Not that he would have let me, so never mind.

I start to shake, thinking about all the things they could be doing to Oliver right now. Why did we ever think this was a good idea? Why didn’t we go to Mr. O’Rourke with what we had? Sure, we would have gotten into some serious trouble, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as serious as the trouble Oliver’s in right now.

I just hope he’s still alive.

Fiona rests a hand on my arm. “Kit, he’s fine. Chill out.”

Her voice is hard and impatient, nothing like the soft soothing voice she used on the elevator or when she talked to Chloe. I wonder if that’s because I’m really being ridiculous or if it’s because she’s getting to know me better and more comfortable showing me her true colors.

I highly doubt it’s the latter, but I don’t want to admit it could be the former.

I’m just being practical about the danger we could be in- or, rather, Oliver could be in. I just wish I’d thought to be practical sooner.

“How long’s it been now?” I hiss.

Fiona snorts. “Thirty seconds since the last time you asked.”
“It’s been longer than that,” I insist. “At least two minutes. And, that’s longer than he should have been gone.”
“Kit, just chill already,” Fiona says with exasperation. “He’ll be fine. Oliver can take care of himself.”
I don’t say anything because arguing isn’t going to change her mind- or mine. Besides, the garbage can is starting to stink and I feel like getting sick. Whose idea was it to hide here anyway?
I turn away from it and the building across the street, my back to both. Staring down the streets, I let my eyes adjust to the dim light, trying to find something to take my mind off my panic and the fact that Oliver isn’t back yet.
I find something to take my mind off it all right, but unfortunately, it’s not the something I want. Because, honestly, it’s just as bad as worrying about Oliver, if not worse.
Nudging Fiona, I say, “Hey, that man over there. Is it just me, or is he watching us?”

So, there is it! I hope you enjoyed that and will stick around for updates in the coming weeks!

Over and out!

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  1. Thrilling! Looking forward to reading the whole thing.