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My Books

Why Rodney Never Should've Gone to the NAPIC: Kit Parker- Book One:
One of the downsides to being kid sister to Rodney Parker, one of the nation's greatest detectives- possibly a slight exaggeration- is that people tend to think kidnapping you provides a great bargaining chip to get your brother off the case. Kit Parker would know. She's been living with the consequences her entire life and, she's used to it. It's just a way of life.

But, then Rodney heads off to the Sixteenth National Annual Private Investigator’s Conference, leaving her in the care of his arrogant assistant- Mr. Sherlock Holmes wannabe, Detective-in-Training, Resident Genius Oliver O'Rourke himself. When Oliver's sister is kidnapped, Kit is left with a choice to make. Does she listen to her brother and do her best to stay out of trouble or follow her instincts and help Oliver find his sister? And, can the girl who has a bad history with kidnappers manage to evade the criminal's clutches long enough to bring them to justice? Or will she once again end up the victim rather than the hero?

The meeting with her mother leaves Kit Parker empty and depressed. The message Fiona finds hidden in a forgotten book leads to an encounter that confuses Kit more than ever. Then she's kidnapped which results in a confrontation that throws her entire world out of balance. 
 Her triumph at the De Palma apartment has Kit determined not to ever let a situation like this get the better of her again. But, it isn't long before she begins to realize that nothing is as it seems and she's no longer sure who she can trust or what the truth is. The age old questions that have stewed inside her for so long keep cropping up. Why did her parents leave? Why was she left behind? But with every answer two new questions are asked. Will Kit find what she's looking for or will her search for the truth ultimately destroy her?