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About Me

Greetings! I am Jennifer Sauer, the Princess of the Ivory Palace.

I assume you would like to know more about me, which is why you clicked on this page. So I shall tell you all there is to know, without further ado:

The Short (Professional) Version:
I am a 20-something, single girl with a head full of knowledge and a heart full of dreams. I began making up stories long before I could hold a pencil and haven’t stopped since. In recent years I discovered a passion for fairy tales and the art of retelling them.

When not writing I divide my time between reading, sewing, nannying and babysitting, passing on my love of story in many different forms, and striving to live happily ever after each and every moment of my life.

The Long (Rambly) Version:
I am a 20-something, single girl with a head full of knowledge and a heart full of dreams. I am a romantic, a dreamer, and an idealist. I know that isn’t always the best thing, but I also have a very cynical and jaded side and have decided that if I have to choose one way to swing it is better for everyone involved if I stick with the former rather than the latter.

My mother wanted to name me Jeffery, because she thought I was going to be a boy, and she wanted to keep the name even when I came out as a girl; Dad wasn’t sold. After several other options, they finally settled on Jennifer Lynn. Which is funny because I too am very picky when it comes to choosing a name and will often spend hours hunting down the perfect name for a character.

My childhood years were happy ones, mostly spent with my head in the clouds and my nose in a book. When I did return to reality it was usually to share my stories with the rest of the world (my world, anyway). Being homeschooled I was presented with the time and resources to further explore my story-creating endeavors and I did so with enthusiasm.

Time passed, I grew. I became more serious about my writing around age 12 or so when it occurred to me that the people in the books I read and I had only one difference- they took their writing seriously and therefore got paid for it and I didn’t (because it hadn’t occurred to me until that time that it was actually something I could do). And so I set my sights on being a writer and never looked back.

I wrote my first book, The Crimson Banner when I was 15 and published it at 16 through Tate Publishing (an experience I will never regret to this day as it helped me grow in so many ways and set me on a path that I will never regret going down). Kit Parker (my second and third books) came a few years later, both products of the lovely NaNoWriMo Writing Challenge.

In between and since I have finished several rough drafts and started drafts of too many stories to count. I hope to share these projects someday but in the meantime enjoy having them to myself. But when they are ready for the world I have every intention of releasing them whether the world is ready for them or not.

Outside of writing my days are spent reading books (I will read almost any genre if the story is interesting enough to me, though I love fairy tale retellings best of all), sewing (with a fondness for dresses and costume design), nannying (because children are incredible and God has blessed me by putting the most wonderful families in my life), and teaching several writing classes as well as hosting a book club for the loveliest group of young ladies.

I live at home with my parents and my puppy while I continue to grow and become the person God wants me to be. I fail him quite often but he has been gracious enough to bless me with opportunity after opportunity to continue to grow in his grace and mercy. I’m patiently (mostly) waiting for my prince to come (or, you know, whatever he is. I won’t complain if he holds another position in medieval society, like stable boy or peasant or diplomat or king). And if he does not come, if that is not what God has for me, I shall make my own way in the world, for I have much I wish to do with my life and I have no intention of wasting a single second of it.

Lastly (and most importantly): I like tea instead of coffee; my favorite color is red (especially when I am wearing lipstick that color); I am obsessed with Arabian Nights and Ancient Persia; wholly mammoths are my favorite animal; I could live on a diet of tacos, potatoes, and cereal; I believe in the power of a pair of heels; I am terrified of the basement at night; westerns are my (not so) guilty pleasure; I collect Playmobil mystery figures; I wish I had red hair; I love making playlists for both my own stories and other people’s; I have a clarinet I (mostly) know how to play; I had my learner’s permit for so long it actually expired and I had to retake the written test; I am an avid fan of both Broadway cast recordings and the theater in general; and my Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ.

And that’s all I’ve got! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to head over to the “contact me” page and shoot me an email! I can't promise to respond to everything but I do try to (and I absolutely read each and everything I get because mail makes me happy)

Also if you actually read all of that, you deserve muffins *hands you muffins* I hope to see you around the blog and look forward to getting to know you. But in the meantime don’t forget to live happily ever after.

~Jennifer Sauer, the Ivory Palace Princess