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Friday, September 12, 2014

Candor Fridays: Week Nine- Winner Announced!

It’s Friday, folks!

No post on Monday, because… well… because. I just didn’t. I’ll have one this Monday though. I’m going to be writing about the topic chosen by last month’s Candor Friday’s winner. It’s going to be a dandy too.

Speaking of winners, it’s that time of month again! A winner has been chosen for this month’s prize, which is to name one of the characters in the third Kit Parker book (working title: Where the SOREM Hid the Prize).

But first, two questions this week:

Danielle Sauer asked: Why don’t you play more games with your sister?

Nice question, sis. I don’t play more games with you because inside they turn me into a giant rage monster that wants to crush everyone and everything in my path. Either that or I get really moody and upset when I’m losing really badly. Awkward Sidekick was invented because I was trying to avoid the moody/ upset thing while we were playing. I’m working on it, so that I don’t get like that. But after a few hands or rounds or whatever my competitive side really starts to show.

So, yeah. That’s why. Sorry. :/

Elly Harris asked: Who do you recommend to critique your story? Is it good to have your family members critique it?

I recommend anyone willing to read it and give you constructive criticism.

As for family, that’s a tricky one. It really depends on the family member. I know a lot of people who tell me that they hate it when their family reads their stuff because they always just tell them how good it is and it’s not helpful. I’ve never had that problem. My family is really good at telling me both what they like and dislike and always offer a lot of help. So, it’s really a matter of whether the family member actually helps you or not. But, I would definitely say there’s nothing wrong with having family read your stuff, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

One other thing about any critiquers- make sure they like the genre you write. Because they may be the most willing person in the world, offering to critique your book, but if they hate the genre you write, they won’t be of any help.

When I was working on Why Rodney Never Should’ve Gone to the NAPIC there was a very nice young woman who offered to critique a few chapters for me and I was really excited. Until I got her critique. Turns out, she doesn’t like romance in any way, shape, or form, and she wanted me to essentially change some major points of the book to remove all romance. Needless to say, I didn’t but there was a time when I would have considered it. Now, I was just able to recognize that her tastes are different than my target audience and so I thank her for her feedback and left things the way I wanted them.

So, definitely make sure they like the genre you like before give them your work. And, remember to take everything with a grain of salt. Every critique is really just someone giving you their opinion of your book. So, if they don’t like something, that doesn’t make it bad. Sure, there are times when you know they’re right as soon as you read their critique. But, if it’s something you like and your critiquer doesn’t like it, it’s always wise to get several opinions. Because if three people like it and one person doesn’t, you can keep it. But, if three people don’t like it and only one person does, you might want to consider if it’s really good or not.

Though, in the end, it’s always up to you. You get to decide what stays and what doesn’t. Trust your instincts but also respect the opinions of the people around you. And, as I have said, those opinions can come from anyone willing to offer you feedback. Whether they're related to you or not.

And that’s that! Now onto the thing you’ve all been waiting for!! It’s time to announce the winner!

Are you all ready for this?

Are you sure?

Are you really ready?

All right then! Here it is:

This month’s winner is: Elly Harris!

As I said above, she gets to name one of my characters in the third Kit Parker book. So, when the kid on the elevator shows up, his name have come from this lovely lady.

In the meantime, I shall see you all on Monday, with a special post.

And, don’t forget to send in your questions for next Friday! Can’t wait to see what you all dream up for me!!

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