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Friday, July 24, 2015

Somers' Outlaws- More Writing from the Past

This was one of those stories that I just find of opened up a new Word document and started writing one day.

Which is probably why it never went anywhere.

And, now it never will, because Apollo Sommers is a completely different character from a completely different story now. I liked the name, so I stole if from myself. Because this story was going nowhere. And, Sapphire Sage Sommers is officially not in that story. Apollo's sister is now named Eris. And, she's nothing like Sapph.

Anyway! This is still a great snippet (if I'm allowed to say that) so I thought I'd share it with you. I hope you enjoy:

Part One: Sapphire

Apollo Sommers
For crimes including robbery, murder, and the blatant obstruction of justice.
Appearance: Suspect is about twenty-three years of age, brown haired and blue eyed. Average weight and height.
Last seen in Telsa’s capital and surrounding area
Suspect is known to travel with a young woman, perhaps fifteen, with long dark hair and blue eyes. She is very tall and thin.
A substantial reward is offered to anyone who can produce Suspect or give information that would lead to his arrest.
Signed, the Lord Regent of Telsa

I stood in the alley, waiting for my brother to arrive and watching the goings on of the town. The poster tacked to the stable wall caught my eye and I scanned the words with a smile. Oh, honestly, do you really think offering a reward will catch him, Lord Regent?

I pushed a strand of long black hair behind my ear and turned my attention back to the street. Come on, Apollo, where are you?

I studied each person who passed by, knowing any of them could be the man I waited for. Was he the beggar at the corner? The peasant with the cart? The man with the bundle? The musician with the lute?

Brother, your disguises are getting too good for me.

Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind, a hand slipping around my waist, another over my mouth. My scream was muffled as I was pulled tight against my captor. Then, as suddenly as I was grabbed, I was released. I whirled around to face the man.

And found my brother standing behind me, a cocky grin on his handsome face.

I glared. “Apollo Sommers, don’t you do that again, you hear?”

Apollo just continued to grin at me. He leaned against the stable wall with an air of easiness that I envied. He always seemed so at ease, like he had the entire world under control and he knew it. “Startle you, did I?”

“Yes, Brother, you startled me,” I said. “Now, can we move on? What’s the plan?”

My brother patted my cheek, because he knew it annoyed me. “Patience, my dear Sapph, is a virtue.”

That nickname annoyed me too.

I grabbed his hand. “We can’t all be as virtuous as you, now can we? So, will you just answer the question?”

One of the castle guards passed by just then. Quick as a wink, Apollo pushed me and put his palms against the stable wall, me between his arms. The guard peered down the alley at us just as my brother said, “Come on, Darling, just one kiss.”

I giggled, playing along. “Please, John, ya know I can’t. Why, Daddy’d ‘ave my ‘ide, and yer life, if I did.”

He flashed me that charming smile of his and the guard passed by with a shake of his head. “Youth,” I heard him mutter.

Apollo released me. “Nice job, little sis.”

“I’m just glad you didn’t have to kiss me,” I said with a smile. His praise warmed me more than a roaring fire ever could.

He laughed. “Yeah, me too. Pretty as you are, that’d be a bit out of my line.”

I warmed even more. I wasn’t pretty, but it was nice to hear him say it. “So, what’s the plan?”

He rolled his eyes. “You are a very persistent woman. Don’t you think I’ll tell you the plan when you need to hear it?”

“And don’t you think I might go insane waiting for you to tell me?” I asked. “This is my husband-to-be we’re talking about here.”

Apollo shook his head. “Are you sure you really want to marry that guy?”

I nodded, wishing I didn’t have to defend my choice for the four hundredth time. “Apollo, I’m seventeen-”

“The poster says you’re only fifteen,” he interrupted. The charmer was gone, replaced by a very concerned older brother.

“I’m seventeen and you know it,” I said. “It’s time I was thinking about marriage.”

He eyed the poster. “You’ll need a new disguise now.” His brow wrinkled with thought. “How about a gypsy? You’d make a good gypsy.”

I sighed. “Apollo, don’t change the subject.”

“Fine, so, are you marrying him because you want to or because he’s the only one who asked you?” he questioned.

Wow, Apollo, that was blunt. I tried not to let it sting. But, it was the bald truth. Luke Bently was the only one who had ever shown any interest in me. Contrary to what my brother had said, I wasn’t pretty at all. I was plain. Very plain. And, I was part of Apollo Sommers’ outlaw band, which narrowed my choice considerably.

No, a beggar couldn’t be choosy and Luke was very nice. It was true I felt no love for him, but I held him in a high respect and I believed he loved me.

When I didn’t answer right away, my brother sighed. “Listen, Sapphire, I’ll rescue him no matter what, but, please promise me you won’t marry him unless you really want to. Please?”

I nodded, though I had no intention of changing my mind. I just wanted the normal, cocky Apollo back. It scared me when he got so serious like this.

He cupped my chin in his hand and tilted my face so we looked at each other, eye to eye. “That’s a promise then?”

“It’s a promise, Apollo.”

He nodded and released me. “Good, now let’s get to work getting him out of the dungeon.” He paused. “If we only had a distraction…”

“What kind of distraction?” I asked.

Apollo rolled his eyes. “The kind that distracts people. If I could just get passed the guards, I have a plan.”

I grinned. “I might have an idea.”

And there you have it! I didn't have much planned for this, but I did know that they saved the guy Sapphire was engaged to, but she doesn't marry him. She ends up marrying the magistrate's son. Who starts out as a spy, but then totally starts fighting on their side.

But, I never figured out how to fit that into the story and so it died.

Like so many of my stories :/

Next week will be another western excerpt. I hope you'll stop back for it!

And, Monday will feature the last post about some of my favorite books for writers. I hope you'll come back for that too.

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