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Friday, October 3, 2014

Candor Fridays- Week Eleven... Sort Of...

It's Friday, folks!

I don't have any questions for this week... Which kind of makes me sad. A little bit. Okay, a lot. It makes me really sad.

But, since there aren't any questions, I'll give you a brief update on what's going on, writing-wise. How to Properly Deface a Book (Kit Parker -- Book Two) is coming along nicely. I'm getting down to my last edits and hopefully you're all as excited for its release as I am!!!

At any rate, I hope you'll buy a copy or two...

And, for those of you who read Tuesday's post all the way through, you know I needed help naming a character. Since I only got two replies, I went ahead and decided on my own. And so, the baby's name is Cato. Isn't that adorable? Little Baby Cato :3

I'm working away on that story too. It's been really fun, since I'm creating a world and actually putting time and effort into that aspect of it. I've never really done anything like that before. So far, it looks a bit like 1950's America but with a monarchy, a lot of crime and poverty and stuffs, and high-tech governmental experiments. Here's a link to the questions I'm using to develop my world, if anyone's interested (I've found them to be very helpful): 

And, here's a link to my storyboard on Pinterest if anyone's interested: http://www.pinterest.com/jennifersauer73/sb-the-girl-called-gypsy/

Hopefully I'll finish my plotting and do this as NaNoWriMo this year. Hopefully. We'll see. And of course, if you have any questions about it, I'm more than happy to answer them!!

And, that's about it. Writing-wise, anyway. Which seems to be a good portion of my life right now. Not that I'm complaining. Because I'm not. That would be silly.

Anyway! I'll see you all on Monday. And, in the meantime, I wouldn't be opposed to you sending a question my way for next week. [/shameless plug]

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