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Friday, December 5, 2014

Ten More Random Facts

No questions for this week, so here are ten random facts about me. If you want to spare me the agony of having to think up ten more for next week, you'll have a little mercy and send me a question.

In the meantime, here are the facts:

  1. Something about rain makes me happy to be alive.
  2. My laptop’s name is Edmund
  3. Gregory Peck is one of my favorite actors.
  4. I have an affinity for old westerns, both movies and TV shows.
  5. If I had to choose one costume to sew for the rest of my life- one costume to make and nothing else- I would choose the dirndl hands down. It is, without a doubt, my most favorite thing ever. If you don’t know what a dirndl is, go look it up as soon as you finish reading this post.
  6. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ/P (it changes depending on what test I take…). And every personality test I have ever taken (no matter what kind it is) has told me I am a romantic or a dreamer or an idealist. Like I didn’t already know that… XD
  7. Muffins are my favorite food item in the world.
  8. My favorite food is hash because it’s so yummy but also super practical- you just fry up potatoes with whatever leftovers you happen to have in the fridge and BAM! Hash. Now you know where Kit Parker gets it from (though, she liked the canned stuff and I’m more partial to the homemade kind)
  9. In line with my romantic side, I set characters up with each other almost as soon as I meet them. I have couples set up that would make people shake their heads or question my sanity because I don’t just set up the obvious couples, I set up everyone with everyone. If the writers don’t present me with a couple to love, I create one.
  10. I am a fairly modern old-fashioned girl. I believe in traditional gender roles as set out in the Bible but I also believe that people take them to extremes that they don’t need to be taken to. But, that is a discussion for a whole separate blog post. If you want to know all of my thoughts on the subject, just drop a comment below.

And there you have it! Ten things you might not have known about me. If you found any of these interesting, drop a comment for me. And, don't forget to send in your questions for next week!

Also, I'm done with this post, so go look up a dirndl. Now. Right now. That's an order.

Why are you still here? Go. Now.

See you all at the beginning of the week!

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