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Friday, May 1, 2015

11 Random Fact- Stuff About Me!! :D

So, remember when I was doing the 10 Random Facts things on days when I didn’t get any Candor Fridays questions? Well, according to the Reader Survey people want more about my personal life. So, instead of random facts about me, here are 11 (because I came up with too many XD) random fact about my life recently. Hope y’all enjoy!

1. My puppy, Malachi, is 9 months today! He was born August 1st, 2014 so today is his official 9 month birthday.

2. My Mom and I have been watching my nephew while my brother and sister-in-law are working. He’s 19 months and super adorable. Especially when he plays with Malachi :3 He’s really a good kid and I love him to pieces.

3. I am currently listening to Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party” on repeat as I write this post.

4. I bought six Christian Fiction books on Wednesday and I’m not even remotely remorseful. If I didn’t write YA fiction, I would probably write Christian Romance. And I still might, someday when I’m an old married lady :P

5. Mom took me to the library yesterday and I was able to get the next two volumes in the manga series I’m reading. I’ve been waiting a long time for these so I’m so psyched about it! Read on of the volumes yesterday and it so way too cute. And exciting. And yeah. Really loving it :D

6. Mom and I went to see Age of Adaline on Sunday. I don’t have a ton to say about it, except that I loved it. There is a moral issue, as it’s implied Adaline is having premarital sex, and I was kind of disappointed about that. But, nothing is actually shown, and the movie is really wonderful otherwise. It’s very much a contemporary fairy tale and I totally want to see it again :D

7. I had my very first job interview on Tuesday. Interviewed at the office where my dad works for their summer help position. I think it went okay, but I’m really nervous. I just wish they would get back to me soon so I can mentally one way or the other.

8. Getting ready for Book Club on Tuesday. We’re reading Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George, which I’ve already read. So, I just need to come up with discussion questions. Book Club has eight members now, including me. Which is strange, because I can still remember when we had meetings with just me and like two or three other girls. But, it’s also good. The girls add a lot to the discussion and we have a blast chatting about books and life and all that jazz.

9. I’ve been getting really angry about social issues lately (haha, ask my mom and she’ll probably tell you it’s been the last several years XD) and have been trying to process my thoughts on them. I hope to write extensively on my thoughts about them in the future. Which will be weird, since the non-fiction writing I do has always been about writing, so this’ll be a stretch for me.

10. I helped my best friend enter this contest using her super amazing idea that I helped make even more amazing. Regardless of whether we win, we had a ton of fun and I plan to push her to do something with even if we lose. Because her idea is awesome. I can’t share it here, because it’s hers, but yeah. Take my word for it. So. Awesome. Stayed up until after midnight several nights working stuff out and we got it in right at the deadline. So much fun.

11. I’ve been very unfocused in my writing. The last several weeks I’ve jumped from story idea to story idea and haven’t written much of anything. The weather’s just so nice I want to write everything. All at the same time. So, I’m having trouble focusing. If you want to make things even more complicated stop over at my Pinterest and check out my story boards (any board with “[NB]” at the beginning) when stop back here and drop me a comment about which one you’d most like to see me write! Or, if you somehow know about a story I don’t yet have a board for, you can go ahead and mention that one…

And, not a fact, but sort of: I’m hoping to start writing more reviews in the future, so if there is any book/ movie/ or show you would like to know my thoughts on, go ahead and ask me about it. I’ll have either read/ seen it and can review it for you, or I’ll consider reading/ watching it. Not making promises that if I haven’t read/ seen it that I will, but I’ll certainly give it consideration!

I’m also playing with some blog post ideas, but I always have trouble deciding what to write about. So, if you have any ideas, go ahead and share them with me! I always love to hear from my readers and find out what they’re interested in or want to know from me.

And, there you have it! I shall hopefully get a post written for Monday. And, Candor Fridays is still a thing. So, please send me questions if you have them!! And, in the meantime, don’t forget to stop over at my Pinterest account to look around or drop me an email about something I should write about/ review.

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  1. I really enjoy your non-fiction writing and hope to see more of it (hint hint) Well written rants, as long as you can support your position, are good ways to stretch as a writer -- even better a pro / con piece.