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Monday, July 21, 2014

An Announcement Concerning Kit Parker and Her Second Book

Hello there, lovely people!

I have some news for all you faithful readers- the official release date of the second Kit Parker book is set. Mark your calenders for November 10th of this year. And, keep and eye out on Amazon for the little novel called How to Properly Deface a Book.

Now, I know November is a long ways off and those of you who have read Book One are probably wondering why I can't just get it off to you now if I've got the thing written. But, since I've still got editing to do and bumping up the release date isn't going to happen anytime soon, I thought I'd offer you all a consolation by giving you a little sneak peek at what you're waiting for.

And, if you haven't bought Book One yet, be sure to stop by Amazon and grab yourself a copy:  

And, without further ado, the synopsis and sneak preview of How to Properly Deface a Book: Kit Parker -- Book Two

The meeting with her mother leaves Kit Parker empty and depressed. The message Fiona finds hidden in a forgotten book leads to an encounter that confuses Kit more than ever. Then she’s kidnapped which results in a confrontation that throws her entire world out of balance.

Her triumph at the De Palma apartment has Kit determined not to ever let a situation like this get the better of her again. But, it isn’t long before she begins to realize that nothing is as it seems and she’s no longer sure who she can trust or what the truth is. The age old questions that have stewed inside her for so long keep cropping up. Why did her parents leave? Why was she left behind? But with every answer two new questions are asked. Will Kit find what she’s looking for or will her search for  the truth ultimately destroy her?

And, Chapter Ten:

I take a deep breath, telling myself that I need to make this convincing for it to work. There’s no need to be afraid, I assure myself. I know how Jason will react. I know what he will do. I won’t have to deal with this for more than a few minutes.
But, even a few minutes can seem like an eternity.
I have to do this. I have to be the one to save myself this time.
I take another deep breath as I begin to rock back and forth, searching for the panicked part of my mind. Usually, I look for the happy place to lock the frightened away. But, today, it’s the other way around.
I tell myself the walls are closing in on me, that the room is getting smaller. And, the more I tell myself that, the more I can feel it. My breathing grows shallow.
I stand and begin to pace again. Because I’m avoiding that woman and there are papers all over the floor, the room is actually kind of small. There isn’t much room to pace, which just makes me feel all the more trapped.
Please, Jason, notice me soon. Please, say something. Offer to help. I can’t take this much longer.
I walk around the desk, following the pattern of the carpet. It has maroon, navy, and white squares and I concentrate on only stepping on the white ones. There are more of them but it’s still a challenge. Something to take my mind off of the size of the room. And the closed door. And the windows that are painted shut.
I’m beginning to see what a bad idea this is. Because now that I’ve started riding this train of thought, I can’t stop. Aren’t trains supposed to have an emergency break or something? Because I want off. I can’t keep going like this.
Finally, Jason comes up and puts a hand on my arm. “Kit?”
I whirl to face him, wanting to ask what took him so long. I’m practically dying of panic over here and he takes his own sweet time about being helpful. Thanks, Jason, I appreciate it.
Only, I can’t snap at him, not now. Not when he’s going along with my plan so perfectly.
I realize I’m staring at him, eyes wide. He probably thinks I’m crazy right about now. And, Agent Parker’s probably rolling her eyes trying to come up with something snarky to say. I’d look but I can’t seem to take my eyes off of Jason. But, even then, I can’t seem to actually focus on him. It’s like, I’m looking at him, but not really seeing him or anything.
“Kit, are you okay?”
I manage to shake my head. At least I still know how to do that.
“Do you need some air again?” His tone sounds nearly as panicked as I feel. I nod.
He takes my elbow in his arm and guides me to the door, outside into the alleyway. As soon as the summer air hits me, I can breathe again. I take in huge gulping breaths, filling my lungs until I think they’ll burst, savoring the moment.
But, then I remind myself that I don’t have long. I need to get ahold of myself and make a move. In just a second, Jason is going to see I’m fine and take me inside. And, then we’ll be back to square one. Because, I’m not going to pull something like this again.
Next time I decide to save myself, I’m going to have to come up with a plan that’s a little less nerve-wracking.
Though, if I have my druthers there won’t be a next time.
I take a quick glance around me, taking in my surroundings. To my right, at one end of the alleyway, there’s a fence. So, yeah, I can’t really go that way. Straight across from me is another building with two dumpsters against it. And, at my left, is the street. Which is the way I want to go. Only, I need Jason to let go of my arm. And, I’d like to avoid injuring him if I can.
But, only if I can. If I need to, I will hurt him.
“How are you feeling?”
I shake my head. “I- I think I’m okay. Well, I will be. I could really use some water.”
I know he isn’t dumb enough to fall for that. He’s too smart to leave me alone in an alley when I’m supposed to be his kidnappee. But, he does exactly what I expect him to- he loosens his grip on my elbow as he considers it.
I drive the elbow he isn’t holding into his stomach and he winces as he lets go of me altogether. I dart down the alley, ignoring him as he calls out to me. His footsteps pound on the ground behind me and I think I hear him gaining on me.
 No, he can’t be. I can’t let him catch me. I have to get away from here. None of this has anything to do with me. I’m not a part of it so why should I have to suffer.
At least when someone kidnaps me because of Rod, I know why they did it. With this, I’m completely in the dark. And, that’s the way she wants it to stay.

Jason calls out again and I try to block it out. He’s been nice and I hate to run off on him like this. But, as long as he takes her side, I can’t go along with him. Not anymore. I just can’t live like that.
I’m out of the alley, taking a left and running down the street. Since it’s so close the safest place to go is my brother’s office. I just hope he’s there.
Please, Rod, be at your office. Please. You have to be. Please don’t be where I was kidnapped from. Please have gone back to the office to check something out or look something up. Please.
It could be days before my brother gets on lead on where I am. And, who knows how long until that woman and Jason accomplish whatever it is they hope to. I could be here for a week. There’s no way I can survive being locked in that tiny room with someone like her for that long. No way on earth.
As I run past the crowded Subway, I consider darting inside and asking to use a phone. I could call the police from there, right? But, I think better of it, since kidnappers are great at coming up with stories about why they’re dragging their victim away. They’re really good at making people believe their side of it.
No, Rodney’s office is my best bet.                                                                          
Another block though, and I start having to push myself. There’s nothing I’d like more than to collapse on the sidewalk and breathe. Nice, long breaths until my lungs feel full again. But, of course, that’s out of the question.
The light changes to red just as I start across the street. Cars honk rather furiously, but I can’t helping feeling pleased. That means Jason will have to wait for the light to change again in order to cross. That means I’ve got a bit more of a start on him.
My side burns and my lungs feel as if they will burst with each new breath. But I can’t give up. Not now. Just a few blocks more and I’ll be at the office.

I hear someone call out, but I’m not sure if it’s Jason or not since I block it out before the words register. The best way to avoid being conned is to not listen. You can’t be tricked by what you can’t hear. I hope it isn’t him though. Because that means he wasn’t delayed by the red light hardly at all.
That means he’s a faster runner than I am and there’s a good chance he’ll catch me before I get where I’m going.
I’m not going back.
With a spurt of determination, I press on, harder and faster than before. I will make it to the office. I will not be caught. Not by him. Not by anyone.
I’m almost there. Just another two blocks. Two more blocks and I’ll be safe. I force myself to keep on straight ahead, though it’s tempting to look back and see how close he is. But looking back will only slow me down and I can’t afford that.
Straight ahead, Kit. Just keep on straight ahead.
I honestly don’t know how I am going to talk to anyone once I get there- either Rodney or the police. I’m having so much trouble breathing, they’ll probably have to call an ambulance. ‘Cause when I stop, I’m probably going to collapse into a gasping heap and stay until my lungs feel normal again. Which, at the moment, seems like it could be years.
There’s a red light when I get to the corner, but I ignore it altogether and plow on across. More angry horns, which I ignore. Because there it is. Right at the next corner, this side of the street. Rodney’s office.
I don’t see his car out front, but I don’t let that worry me too much. Sometimes he walks to work. Claims it helps clear his head when he’s got a lot on his mind. Quite honestly, I’ve been so caught up in myself that I have no idea how much he’s got on his mind at the moment.
When this is all over, I’m going to have to remember to apologize.
I hear a voice behind me and this time I know it belongs to Jason. He’s catching up to me.
But, he’s not going to get me. Not now. Not when I’m so close. Half a block. That’s all I have left.
Never has half a block seemed so long. My body protests with every inch, my lungs pretty much up and declaring a mutiny, my side burning like it’s never burned before.
But still I press on.
Two more buildings. I see my reflection in the mirrored windows as I run passed and I wonder if there’s someone inside looking out. Maybe tonight they’ll tell their family about that mad-looking girl who darted past their office today.
I hope their story doesn’t end with the mad-looking girl getting shoved into the backseat of a car that drives away at breakneck speed.
Finally, I’m at the door to his building! I fling it open and cringe as I realize I still have a flight of stairs until I’m safe. I have to push on. I have to. I can do this!
My legs protest as I start up, the muscles throbbing. I’m thinking maybe moving is a good idea after all. To a nice, first-floor office. One that doesn’t require climbing stairs as steep as Mount Everest to get to.
And then I’m at the door. The one to the office. The one with the gold lettering that says Rodney Parker Private Investigator. Never in my life has that sign looked so nice.
The sign that looks significantly less nice is the one hanging underneath it. The removable one that reads Out on a case.
Which means he isn’t here.

And there you have it! I hope you are all looking forward to Book Two's release. I know I am!

And, in the meantime, make sure you send in your questions for this Friday! (http://ivorypalace.blogspot.com/p/candor-fridays.html) I'm eagerly awaiting your emails!

See you Friday!


  1. Love the title! And love the chapter. Can't wait to read the rest of it.

    1. Wonderful to hear! I'm so excited for this book to "hit the shelves" per say. Glad you're looking forward to it too! :D

  2. Go Jennifer! Sounds fast-paced and exciting! Can't wait! It will make great Christmas present.

    1. Thanks so much! And, I highly approve of the plan to give it as a gift. Books are gifts (both mine or anyone else's) are always the way to go *nodnod* :D :D

  3. ….WHAT?!
    I really should never read exerts like this. They are as bad as "continued next week" only this is "continued this November" which is WORSE! ;)