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Friday, July 25, 2014

Candor Fridays: Week Two

Well folks, it's Friday!

Two questions for our second week of Candor Fridays.

The first is from Rodger Sauer: Most of us are aware of the fact that you included Isabel Luke in the Acknowledgments of the first Kit Parker Book (Why Rodney Never Should’ve Gone to the NAPIC) in exchange for a batch of homemade brownies.  Some of us are also aware that you thought said brownies were so amazingly scrumptious that they needed to be hidden from the rest of your family members.  My question is this:  If Isabel Luke happens to bake you another batch of brownies in exchange for future acknowledgments, where exactly would you hide them?

Hide my brownies from my parents? I would never do such a thing. I don’t know where you’re getting your information but it’s false. Mostly. Sort of. Okay, it isn’t, but they were super yummy.

And, I’m not about to announce my hiding places on the internet. Didn’t anyone ever teach you basic internet safety? Rule number one is not to give out personal information. I shall take the secret of my brownies’ hiding place to my grave.

And, the second from HarpleyIf you could live in any fictional world, with any fictional person as your best friend, where/who would you choose and why?

Considering the fact that I spend about 90% of my time in fictional worlds and am a very character driven person, this is a really hard question. Really hard.

That said, I did some debating last night and this morning and finally settled on a reply.

If I could live in any fictitious world, it would be the Shire. After Lord of the Rings of course, when everything is back to normal (everything goes back to normal, right? It’s been a long time since I saw those…). Basically, I want to live in the Shire in the days when it’s nice and peaceful and I can just sit around reading books and eating ten meals a day.

And, in contrast to that (I’m a highly contradictory person… :P) if I could have any fictitious character as my best friend I would choose Zacharias Wrench from Michelle Magorian’s Good Night Mr. Tom (who most people reading this blog probably don’t even know. Sadly… :/). There are a million characters I love for different reasons but I would choose Zach because I think he’d be good for me. He has an adventurous spirit and there’s never a dull moment when he’s around.

Yes, I know that makes no sense, what with me wanting to live in the Shire, but I think it would be a good combination: days of fun and adventure, someone to keep me from getting too serious about life, and the slightest bit of rebellion to feed my artistic side but also a safe and secure place to sleep at night, the assurance of many square meals a day, and somewhere quiet hide from the adventures when my introverted side takes over.

Yup. Definitely perfection in its highest form. *contented sigh*

So, that's it. Both askers are entered in the August 15th giveaway! For more information on how you can enter, check out the Candor Fridays Page (http://ivorypalace.blogspot.com/p/candor-fridays.html). I can't wait to see what question you cook up for me this week!!

And, in the meantime, I shall see you all on Monday!

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  1. I SO agree with you about wanting some adventure in life, yet somewhere safe to sleep at night. If only life were that easy. Thank goodness there are good books that allow us to experience the best of both worlds.

    p.s. will you privately email close relatives with your brownie hiding place?